Ndata Website Design Isle of Wight

The Client

Ndata is an Isle of Wight based company serving businesses in the local area but also have clients further afield in London. They provide IT support services to SME business customers from the one-person sole trader to larger companies.

IT Marketing Isle of Wight


The Challenge

Nigel, CEO of Ndata contacted us for advice and guidance in pushing his company forward after a quite few months. Nigel was unsure on which route to take as he was unsure of what would work for him and his industry.

“Helen gives great advice and really takes the time to get to know you and your business, and what you want to achieve. She listens to you and your opinions whilst influencing you with what she feels will benefit your company the most. She is friendly and easy to talk to and after a short time, we are already experiencing more traffic to our website. She has also massively improved our website and Social Media page. Looking forward to busier times with Helen’s help. Thank you.” Nigel Dimmick / CEO

The Solution

We began with redesigning and freshening up their website to make the user journey easier to understand and follow. With a new look and clearer brand, moving forward would be easier. We focused our attention on lead generation as this was the downfall of the quiet spring months. By creating a powerful PPC campaign it saw website users rise by 73% in just 3 days and increasing daily after that.


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