Professional Custom Logo Design

Professional Custom Logo Design

It may be that you are looking for a professional custom logo design or it could be that your company has an established, easily recognisable logo and brand identity but is outdated, and needs a refresh.

It is not unusual to see companies go through brand refreshes. But, why do brands change their familiar logos? It is quite simply that tastes change with time.

Apple is a great example of a long standing Brand which has evolved with time. Apart from 1976 the logo has pretty much been consistent with changes to just the colour.

Professional Custom Logo Design

You may be wondering what the difference is between a logo refresh and a logo redesign?

A logo refresh is a less dramatic approach to design. Think of it like a makeover that works along with design elements that are already in place.

Twitter is a great example of this. You can see from the image above the famous tweeting bird simply had a short back and sides.

A logo redesign, is like dramatic plastic surgery. A transformation, a new identity and brand system for the same name.

A great example of this is Instagram, below you can see the colour change and the quirky design, which makes you double take.

With the above in mind, below we have compiled 4 logos that we here at have updated or redesigned over the passed 6 months.

Gloss Interior Design

Gloss needed a lick of paint to their logo. We wanted to give the Gloss brand an overhaul and bring it up to date, which is paramount for an Interior design company.

hc gloss 4
HC Gloss

The Clinical Academy

As an expanding and leading training provider in beauty it was so important that their aesthetics match their fantastic product.

We created a number of ideas which were presented to the client, who then whittled their choice down to 2, from there we then set to work to produce a logo which suited their visions moving forward.

Below on the left is their logo and to the right is the logo we designed.


Silver Trowel

A building trade training facility approached us as they needed a logo facelift and required a vectorised version that would work across all media platforms.

HC silver trowel
HC Silver Trowel 2

We thoroughly enjoy the process and creation of new and existing logos. If you are after a professional custom logo design an awesome logo design / refresh / redesign then please get in touch

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