We are often asked this question by our current or prospective SEO & website customers, so we thought we would share the wider answer here.

Quite simply, nobody can guarantee #1

The simple fact is that nobody decides who gets the #1 result apart from Google. You may well have had one of those emails from India or China from a marketing executive or similar, who has “analysed your site and can guarantee you no.1 in Google”. Ambitious, but dishonest – the email was sent in a batch to 1million+ recipients on an email database, and nobody can guarantee apart from Google.

And Google don’t do that; in fact, they are remarkably honest. If you search Google for “social media site”, Google+ isn’t even on the first page, showing they don’t promote themselves at the expense of a quality, honest internet. Search for “email” and Google Mail is indeed the first result – because Gmail is the world’s most popular email platform. The same goes for Google Chrome when searching for web browser – it’s the world’s number 1. But search for “Android Smartphone” and Motorola, Google’s own brand as, don’t touch page 1.

What can SEO do then?

We’ll answer this in terms of our own SEO. While it would be bold to guarantee SEO results (as it’s Google’s choice who gets strong results – we can only give them what they like to see), we can give professional assurance that results with SEO will be noticeably stronger than those without. Like any marketing, all efforts towards SEO yield a result to some degree. It can be difficult to quantify – for example, we can’t say you’ll get X number of enquiries instead of Y – but we’ve never had an SEO customer who hasn’t seen a noticeable improvement in their search engine presence. Generally our customers who take SEO from the outset of a new business have noticeable quicker growth than those without.

So in summary, I’d always recommend it, as it’s a sound investment into growing your business, just like having a professional site. If you have more available in your marketing budget to put towards SEO, we can assign extra hours for you to accelerate the process. Some customers start on the foundation package and decide to ramp up the budget once their business is established.

Our foundation SEO package is £350pm + VAT, and should cover everything a professional site needs unless a particularly fast progression through the search rankings is required.

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