Branding & E-commerce Site For A Beauty Training Academy

A fresh brand redesign and E-commerce solution.

An old and boring website made TCA look out of tune
with their professional forward thinking audience.


TCA is the UK’s No1 choice for beauty training. Their beauty training academy has trained some of the best beauticians in the UK. All training takes place within working clinics so the environment is professional and facilities are current.


We see it happen a lot: a trend-setting brand stops evolving their branding and online presence, and soon appears old, out-of-touch and boring to their online audience. TCA came to us for help with this exact issue: their current branding was out of date and their website had become stale and was severely lacking the energy their team was looking for.

During our discovery with their team, we learned that TCA was planning to revamp the brand with entirely new marketing materials that all needed to align with the branding we were to create.

In addition, TCA wanted to add e-commerce functionality to their website – their old site was merely informational only. By setting some clear goals for the updated site, we were confident that we could turn their new website it into a fun online booking solution.

Logo Re-Design

It was quickly decided that the logo new design would need to be an evolution of TCA’s current branding, therefore eliminating the risk of losing recognisability and the audience they had won in their market. Therefore, their new logo had to take its roots from their existing branding, but offer some refreshment and add some trend.

After several rounds of concepts, the final chosen logo is a colourful mixture of feminine tones, which resonate with their female audience. We have evolved the three-ring circle concept used within their original logo to create a fresh modern corporate brand that will last for years.

E-Commerce Web Design & Build

After defining the target audience (24-40-year-old females), our team got to work outlining a bold UX strategy that would engage and excite them. Since attention spans are short, we knew the website design and architecture needed to be simple to allow visitors to quickly find information and make purchases.

Creating an easy checkout process was also a priority for our team. We didn’t want a checkout with too many steps or unnecessary required fields to dissuade visitors from purchasing. Social media integration was also important to make sure the site appeared fresh and relevant to their young visitors.

The build phase was when our designers got to have fun! The use of large fonts contributed to a modern and fresh design. Our dev team did a great job coding the site to be responsive so that it would be just as fun and easy to use on a mobile phone as it was on a laptop. Built on the WordPress platform, enabling easy e-commerce management for the TCA team.

Test & Launch

Once developed, the site underwent rigorous testing by our team. We tested everything in multiple browsers and across different devices to ensure usability across them all. We had to make sure everything worked like it had been built to, and that the e-commerce functionality worked flawlessly.

After loads of quality assurance, it was time to take the site live. Launch day is always an exciting day for us, and taking the new TCA site live was no exception. We were eager to unveil the new site to TCA’s candidates for them to use.

The Results

The updated site was a huge improvement to TCA’s online presence. All of the goals we set for the redesign were accomplished with the fresh design reflecting positively on the brand. Best of all, visitors no longer had to contend with a site that was flat, boring, or cookie cutter – they could now buy their beauty training courses on a site that was as professional as the training sold.

“In a nutshell the best marketing advice and service, we have had! Helen and her team are honest and straightforward, made my life easy and my business busier. Helen takes the time to get to know your business and has the knowledge to take it to the next level. I have had 3 previous web developers build me a site only to be left disappointed – I wrongly thought Helen would be the same. I am so pleased I took a chance and went with Helen Cope. Thank you so much.”
Naomi O’Hara / Owner – Clinical Academy

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