Brand redesign and E-commerce Website

Crafting A Site To Show IT Excellence

NData needed to refresh their old website to reflect the new technologies and services they now offer.

Ndata is an Isle of Wight based company serving businesses in the local area but also have clients further afield in London. They provide IT support services to SME business customers from the one-person sole trader to larger companies.


During our discovery meetings with NData I reviewed their current website and determined what they liked and what they wanted to fix. They had spent a lot of time focusing on writing copy that would increase SEO, but it wasn’t organised in a readable, digestible way. Web users don’t want to read paragraph after paragraph of text without visual breaks. This was one of the main goals set out during the discovery process and a wonderful challenge to take on during the UX phase of the project.

It was important to organise the content in a way that built trust and increased conversion. With these goals set I was able to jump in and begin strategising and laying out the content in a way that was sure to meet NData’s needs.

UX & Web Design

I began building out the building blocks by wireframing the homepage and internal pages. With a focus on the copy NData had already written, I was able to break this down into digestible sections with a strategic approach to building trust.

Working with NData’s existing colour palette and branding I introduced modern typography, prominent data capture areas, clear visuals and a simple to navigate menu to create a customer-facing, service focussed website which flows seamlessly between mobile and desktop screens without losing impact or content.

Knowing that NData wanted to self-manage their content after the site launched, I built a custom site design on top of WordPress CMS. This allowed for complete customisation of the visuals while taking advantage of a CMS platform that NData was already comfortable working with.

After having built the site in a sandbox environment I began testing the site. Once I had thoroughly tested everything to make sure it functioned perfectly, I unveiled the site to the NData team. After a brief tutorial on adding pages, content, and changing images, they were able to do a comprehensive review of the site in the development environment and finish adding content.

Once everything was ready to go, I coordinated with NData to launch the website.

Social Media

I followed an integrated approach when implementing NData’s social media marketing strategy. First, I ensured the presence of NData’s different content publishing platforms such as their Blog, YouTube and Slideshare was all consistent.

Secondly, I added NData to the social networking platforms: Facebook and LinkedIn.

Finally, I ran exclusive promotional campaigns were run on Facebook and LinkedIn with the help of paid for adverts.

As a result of my social media marketing activities, NData has been growing on various social media platforms by attracting relevant fans and converting to sales.

“Helen gives great advice and really takes the time to get to know you and your business, and what you want to achieve. She listens to you and your opinions whilst influencing you with what she feels will benefit your company the most. She is friendly and easy to talk to and after a short time, we are already experiencing more traffic to our website. She has also massively improved our website and Social Media page. Looking forward to busier times with Helen’s help. Thank you.”

Nigel Dimmick

CEO, NData