A Digital Investment For Property Company

Including logo, stationery, website and SEO

A well-known property management company needed a facelift
to differentiate themselves from the competition.


Castra Property offers straightforward and hassle-free, short and long-term rental accommodation from luxury apartments to contractor accommodation for Professionals. The company have a portfolio of 15 houses in Portsmouth and is looking to grow its network within Hampshire.


In a highly competitive industry, Castra Property was looking to increase brand awareness by modernising their brand identity. Our task was relatively focused: to create an engaging website and brand that would give Castra the credibility required to attract more new applicants, vendors, landlords and tenants.

Castra also wanted to increase engagement with prospective tenants and required an online platform to be designed and built to allow prospective tenants to view Castras Portfolio of properties and book or apply for a tenancy online with ease.

We needed to achieve all this while making sure that Castra’s unique place in the market was conveyed correctly.

Logo Re-Design

The first port of call was to ensure that Castra’s brand identity was as best it could be. This involved completing a full competitor audit and ensuring we didn’t follow suit. Adopting this strategy has allowed us to create a brand and logo design which makes Castra stand out from the crowd. The logo is modern yet classy like the properties and tenants on Catsra’s books.

Online Property Portal & Booking

Our design for Castra grew from their need to evolve in a changing and crowded marketplace.

With their recent addition of new assets, owner Graham Peacock wanted to reposition Castra as an asset management company. In Portsmouth, UK they control over 6 properties.

Our goal with the website was to create something a prospective tenant could use, making things like booking a property a breeze while also educating potential landlords.

The outcome is a responsive website design that works across all platforms. Castra’s numerous rental API’s were integrated so the latest available listings are shown at the click of a button, while other pages provide detailed information for tenants.

Unique imagery from Portsmouth was used to complete the website, giving it a sense of place.

The Results

It’s always a pleasure to work with a forward-thinking company and when it came to the web build Castra was certainly one of those clients. Eager to embrace automation as much as possible I build a content management system that integrated to both of Castra’s property management system and allows users to make a booking onsite with ease.

We believe in helping our clients find focus, and the best way to do that is to stand out from your competition. The new Castra website combines sleek design and imagery to focus its message and direction for the future.

“Being in an industry where we showcase properties, I feel that you need to have a logo and website that is well designed, highly visible, functional and most of all, easy to navigate – it is essential to the success of any business. Cope Marketing has provided us with a logo and website that incorporates all of these features and much more, our website is a testament to this. Cope Marketing are a great team who are always available, willing to help and make changes when necessary. They are an absolute pleasure to work with!”
Graham Peacock / Owner – Catsra Property

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113 Kirby Road . Portsmouth
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