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Branding & E-commerce design 

JP’s main website wasn’t receiving the website traffic needed to generate the monthly sales required.

JP is a professional wedding, portrait and wildlife photographer based in London, UK. JP has been a professional photographer since 2014 and believes in a highly personalised approach offering quality over quantity.


London is a competitive market for portrait and wedding photographers. JPs’s website was buried several pages deep in Google’s search results for all the major search terms they should be seen for.

I knew the problem wasn’t lack of demand, therefore, I started with a full technical audit of JP’s website to pinpoint any technical issues that could be negatively impacting on organic search performance.

Deep analysis of all onsite and offsite SEO factors the audit identified a range of on-page issues including a lack of content, poor meta data, and a lack of canonical tags. Off-page, I established that inbound links pointing to the site contained a poor ratio of brand vs generic keywords in the anchor text, which would be sending mixed signals to Google about how to rank the site.

Once we had carried out a full audit we formulated a go to market plan which primarily focused on SEO, Social Media and PPC.


My goal was to get JP to show up on the first page of Google when people searched for popular phrases related to “family photography.” Google’s first page displays results in two different places. The first is in traditional search results — the ones you see for any search. The second is in the Google Places results, a subsection on the first page of results that shows local businesses. I wanted JP to be in both.

I came at the problem from every angle. I researched what the most popular search terms are, added these throughout the website, improved their website’s text and user experience, and got links to JP’s site from respected industry websites. I also added JP to third-party directories where brides might look. I also encouraged him to get Google reviews from happy clients each month. The results were phenomenal.

Social Media Marketing

Social media plays a key role in the ongoing marketing for JP and his services and early on JP saw exciting results from our online marketing efforts on Facebook.

Social Media Advertising

I have run several paid for advertising campaigns on Facebook for JP. These have included a mixture of display ads and retargeting ads to boost web traffic.

Retargeting ads in Facebook show your ads specifically to people who have visited your website in the past. If you need to remind visitors to like your page on Facebook or remind them of a great deal, these ads can be highly effective in solidifying your brand in the mind of your target audience.

For £100, I was able reach over 13,996 people in the client’s target market and add 375 new clicks to their website. Of those 375 website visitors, I converted over half of them into returning website visitors.

Pay Per Click Campaign

I created a cross-device ad strategy to target highly relevant photography related searches in London. I analysed competitors campaigns and worked out a strategy for optimising conversion rates, whilst managing the expenditure of the whole campaign. Extensive work was done during the campaign to continually improve underperforming keywords and ads, whilst budget was increased for high converting ads.

I carefully selected and optimised landing pages to enhance conversions, and the effectiveness of the account was continually monitored to ensure constant growth.

I recently ran a campaign to promote JP’s wedding services which saw us turn a budget of £115.84 into 115 website clicks and 9,054 impressions.


The Results

Since managing JP’s SEO, Social Media and PPC campaigns I have already increased the amount of enquiries JP is receiving from the website by 30%, while constantly decreasing the cost per conversion.

“I have been using Helen for a couple of months now. I have been very impressed by Helen’s depth of knowledge on all things Website and Social Media. She is incredibly efficient and proactive and very personable with it. It’s great to have someone I know I can rely on to get the job done. I would highly recommend using Helen’s expertise to anyone out there that wants to create some forward momentum in terms of creating and marketing their brand or product. I plan to continue to do so!”

Jeremy Peters

Owner, JP Photography