Branding, Web Design & SEO

Digital refresh for a 

Interior Designer

Gloss needed a modern and creative brand & website that appeals to both residential and commercial audiences.

Gloss is run by talented interior designer Lesley Taylor, who has a wide range of specialities that she brings to residential and commercial projects throughout the UK. Combining creative flair with superb project management, Gloss conceptualises and implements interior designs for a wide ranging portfolio of clients.


The interior design market is very competitive. In order to stand out, it is important to be recognised as an authority and to have a distinguishable voice.

For this reason, Gloss approached me with the challenge to redesign their logo and create an online solution that would give them additional exposure and promote them as the expert interior designer, creative force and thought leaders that they are.

Logo Re-Design

Gloss’ original logo was dated and did not portray a professional aesthetic. It was decided that the pink was something they wanted to keep however they were open to exploring other styles.

The new Gloss logo I created combines a pink circle with a sleek and modern typeface. The splash of colour within the logo represents the colourful styling Gloss is well known for. Both the brand mark and wordmark go hand in hand to keep an ultimate balance for user’s perception and brand recognition.

Web Design & Build

I chose a clean and fresh design aesthetic in line with the new branding I had created. I used pink as an accent color of the site, and sprinkled enticing, high-quality images from their portfolio and process to weave their story throughout the pages.

The site is coded in HTML and CSS and integrated everything with the most recent version of WordPress.

Test & Launch

Thoroughly testing the site was something I take very seriously. I double checked every page and feature on the site to make sure everything performed like it should on a variety of browsers and mobile devices to ensure a uniform experience across devices.

When it was confirmed that everything was good to go, I launched the new site and let the Gloss enquiries roll in!