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Go To Market Campaign For Garage Door Company

I wanted to bring a creative edge to this often dull market and create a professional brand and online presence that would be relevant for years to come.

High Spec Door Solutions are a new family run business with 20 years’ experience in the industry. They offer a huge range of garage door types and styles from the leading manufacturers on the market.


High Spec Doors is the startup garage door company near Portsmouth, offering both residential and commercial services as well as new door sales. They required a brand that would make them stand out in a competitive market, a range of stationery, to help get their brand out there and a modern yet professional website they could use to generate leads.

However, to achieve the desired growth in order to become a sustainable company they also required a multi-channel marketing campaign to enable them to start generating leads and ensure they become the go-to garage door company on the south coast.

Logo Design

High Spec Doors needed a great logo designed to attract new customers to their business and to make their brand recognisable.

The High Spec brand mark is designed as an illustration of a garage door sat within the letter H, in a variety of greys.  The wordmark typography complements and also unveils the core brand services of a company which is garage door installations.

Both the brand mark and wordmark go hand in hand to keep an ultimate balance for user’s perception and brand recognition.

Web Design & Build

A website’s visuals speak volumes, but only if framed properly within a solid user experience. High Spec wanted a fresh website with dynamic photo galleries, great storytelling and easy browsing.

I formatted the content in a natural way, allowing users to scroll for information. The homepage welcomes visitors with striking photos and all core services listed, all linkable and devised to prompt further exploration. I highlighted the Get A Quote and Blog on the home page with inviting teaser copy, rather than relegating these important items to a traditional menu bar.



To begin with, I did not simply target the big phrases such as ‘garage doors’ but instead focused on the business’ regional presence. I quickly achieved local top 5 and 10 successes which boosted the company’s sales and formed secure foundations for further growth, and for expansion of the SEO, both in terms of the search phrases targeted and in the locations covered.  As more areas were captured the keyword targeting also expanded, first radially outwards. Once the site was strong enough to attain no 1 rankings for generic phrases, long-tail, niche and specific products were also targeted, until complete coverage of the whole of the relevant phrase landscape could be achieved.

Google Pay Per Click Campaign

Having clearly identified that High Spec Doors wanted to generate leads from paid search, I built a strategy to deliver High Spec’s campaign targets and KPIs, which included boosting conversion and lowering costs.

My paid search strategy produced some impressive results quickly, with 5 enquiries within the first two weeks of our campaign going live with 3 of those converting to sales, for a spend of only £63.

Social Media

Social media is a great way to boost visits to your website, increase sales and improve brand visibility. Initially, I created a series of profiles on carefully chosen social networks including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. All profiles are designed in line with the website branding.

My ongoing SMM management includes;

  • Interact and gain related users
  • Inform fans/followers of the clients services
  • Drive traffic and improve sales on their website

“Helen helped to launch our business with a logo, stationery, flyers and a website and now handles our ongoing marketing which has had 3 enquiries in the first 2 weeks through social media, SEO and PPC activities. We are thrilled with the service so far and Helen herself is lovely to work with.”

Danny Howes

Owner, High Spec Doors