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The experts at Cope Marketing are devoted to creating memorable user experiences through stunning and engaging web designs. Years of experience, combined with innovative design mean we can guarantee that every website we create delivers an interactive experience which reflects the vision of your company, whilst delivering new business.

Website Design Process

How do we design a website that is custom tailored to your business goals?

See below for an overview of steps from start to launch.

Discovery & Strategy Phase

Every professional website design project starts with a discovery and strategy phase where our web design team interview the client stakeholders on their value differentiation, competitive landscape, and goals for the project. The outcome of this phase is a documented timeline, detailed project plan, and a web strategy.

Website Design Research & Discovery

UX Planning & Information Architecture

Once the target audience, value differentiation, and strategic business analysis have been established in the website strategy phase, the project moves into the UX (User Experience) and IA (Information Architecture) phase, where the website layout, features, functionalities, user path flows, and specification document are wireframed and documented. This is the blueprint phase of the project.

UX Planning & Information

Creative Website Design Mockups

In this phase, website designers roll up their sleeves and start applying colour and designs to the wireframes produced in the previous phase. Our web designers can also provide clients with a design storyboard outlining the use of fonts and colours throughout the site.

Creative Website Design Hampshire

Responsive Web Design & 
Back-end Development

All the websites are made to be responsive so they will work on various screens, from mobile to tablet to desktop. All frontend coding is done in HTML5, according to best practices, and a CMS (content management system) is customised to give clients the ability to update their responsive sites in real-time.

Web Design Development Portsmouth, Hampshire

Quality Assurance & Testing

Creating a high-quality responsive website requires thorough quality assurance testing on multiple devices to ensure that pages load quickly and properly on mobile, tablet, and desktop. In addition, security measures are put in place and the site is tested for SEO performance.

Website Launch, Analysis & Optimisation

After fully testing each website we create we will put the new site live. At this point, another test is performed to ensure the new customised website is performing as it was designed. During this early launch period, our web team monitors user behaviours on the website and analyses how to improve performance in order to improve conversion rates, time on site, and repeat visits.

Website Launch, Analysis & Optimisation

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